The Native American World (Wiley Desk Reference). Donna Hightower-Langston

The Native American World (Wiley Desk Reference)

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The Native American World (Wiley Desk Reference) Donna Hightower-Langston ebook pdf
Language: English
Page: 512
ISBN: 0471403229, 9780471436553

From the Inside Flap

From the Algonquin to the Assiniboine, the Lenape to the Lumbee, and the Wichita to the Wiyot, the Native American way of life has managed toendure over the centuries thanks to the persistence and dedication of generations of American Indians. At one time, hundreds of tribes and languages existed, and important events were documented with petroglyphs, drawings, and oral stories. Today, many Native American communities struggle with educational woes and high dropout rates, the lack of quality health care, and unemployment, even as a revitalization in language and spiritual gatherings is taking place. Their story is far from over–and makes for a fascinating, inspiring, and emotional journey.

In The Native American World, Donna Hightower-Langston has captured the dramatic history and vibrant cultural traditions of the Native American people in one authoritative, accessible volume. Divided into four major sections, this comprehensive sourcebook addresses all the important aspects of Native American life, from the earliest Paleo-Indians to the present day. You’ll find more than 350 vivid, well-written narrative entries that cover 150 tribal groups, plus every important war, law, treaty, religious practice, agency, leader, noteworthy individual, and organization.

Supplemented with more than 90 vivid illustrations and a detailed table of contents for easy access, The Native American World introduces the reader to such influential persons as Deganawida, the founder of the Iroquois League; Wilma Pearl Mankiller, the first female chief of the largest Indian nation today; Mangas Coloradas, a Mimbreno Apache leader in the early Apache Wars; and Sequoyah, the inventor of the Cherokee writing system. The book also examines the most significant historical milestones, from the Black Hawk Conflict and the Everglades Reclamation Policy to King Philip’s War and the Wounded Knee Occupation.

In addition, sidebars offer first-person accounts and narratives that bring the text to life, allowing a more personal look into the experiences of these brave people . . . from the Cherokee chief Dragging Canoe, who watched helplessly as his people were forced from their lands; to Ely Parker, the first Indian commissioner of Indian affairs, who wrote the surrender document at Appomattox that effectively ended the Civil War; to the last words of Tsali, a martyr who bravely faced a firing squad in 1838.

Providing fast, fingertip access, The Native American World is the resource of choice for history buffs, students, and anyone who wants to better understand the indigenous peoples of North America.

From the Back Cover

Over 300 entries covering major tribes, languages, prominent individuals, and important historical eventsAlphabetized for easy useMore than 100 illustrations, including period photos, line drawings, and portraits

In this authoritative and comprehensive resource, you'll find detailed information on a vast array of topics related to the Native American World, including:American Indian MovementAnasaziArapaho nationBasket makersBurial groundsCaptain JackCivil Rights Act 1964Crazy HorseDesert-Cochise cultureEducational fundingFrench and Indian WarsGeronimoGhost dance HiawathaHomestead ActIndian Claims CommissionInuit nationKing George’s WarLouisiana PurchaseModoc Conflict Mojave nationNational Indian Youth CouncilOklahoma Indian Welfare ActRed Paint peopleRiel RebellionSeminole UprisingsSitting BullTecumsehWounded Knee MassacreZuni nation

Wiley Desk References are comprehensive, generously illustrated reference works on major historical, cultural, and scientific topics. Their easy-to-use format helps you quickly find just the information you need, while first-person accounts and excerpts from official documents, letters, and other primary sources bring the subject to life. Wiley Desk References give you all the information you need on the subjects that matter most.

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